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Welcome to Carraig Dúlra Organic & Permaculture

Carraig Dúlra is an organic small-holding run by Suzie and Mike Cahn. It is also a space where a variety of other educational and community initiatives take place. These include: teaching organic growing, permaculture, gardening for bio-diversity, sustainable and traditional skills, permaculture, primitive living (or bushcraft), nature courses for children and families, and creative healing workshops combining Art Therapy Techniques with Eco Pscyhology and Nature, as well as, other gatherings and eco/hikers' camping.

We also run an OOOOBY store, to help you get local, fresh, organic, and ethical products at reasonable cost.  

The concept of a 'Living Skills Store' has to do with the idea that re-skilling using a blend of heritage skills from the past, along with modern sustainable living skills and direct connections to nature are vital for the creation of a positive future for us all.  We can all deposit our learning and experiences and withdraw those we need in exchange and Carraig Dúlra is one place this can occur.

The farm is non-residential and so for now a growing community of like minded folk come to connect with each other, share ideas, try some out, while we all work towards learning how to live more creatively and sustainably. We sometimes camp at the farm as do our international volunteers. We place particular emphasis on helping to maintain or re-establish our connection with the natural world in structured and unstructured ways. There is a complimentary exploration of the arts and inspiration to believe in the future by looking back to Nature

Located in County Wicklow, on the fast-developing East Coast of Ireland, we hope to make available this oasis (in Irish Tearmann), a reserve, a protected place for a slower pace. We are developing a network of interested people who come to Carraig Dúlra for courses, workshops, open/volunteer days and visits, as well as, doing outreach work in the local community.
The Carraig Dúlra website compliments the activities that happen on the land by also providing space to create a virtual "living skills store participants can share information about the learning they have experienced.
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