Urban/rural PDC

This is the full UK-approved Permaculture Design Certificate course, covering Permaculture principles and applications in both urban and rural locations. It has the same content and many of the same tutors as our summer intensive 12 day PDC but is more modular in nature and 7 of the 11 days are in Dublin City centre locations. (The aim is making a PDC more accessible for working people, parents, unemployed people, and for those for whom 12 days camping/glamping would be daunting.)

Sessions wll be held in venues in Dublin city (tba) and Wicklow (at Carraig Dulra Permaculture farm).


Session times

There are daytime and evening sessions for each day. 
Full PDC participants attend both sessions.
Single-session participants just attend the day session (but evening participation may be available by arrangement)

The daytime session runs from 9.30 (registration and tea/coffee) to 5:30pm.
The evening sessions run from 7:00 - 8:30pm

Session Date Location Subject
1 30/09 Dublin tba Introduction to Permaculture 1 
2 1/10 Dublin tba Introduction to Permaculture 2 
3 05/10 Carraig Dulra farm Water in the Landscape: nutrient flows, soil hydration
4 06/10 Carraig Dulra farm Establising new Woodlands & Woodland management, wild soils
5 07/10 Carraig Dulra farm Forest Gardening & mycelium supports for woodland soils
6 08/10 Carraig Dulra farm Tiny homes, Basic skills & Intro to natural Building
7 14/10 Dublin tba Food & zero waste: Composting & Upcycling in the city: permaculture perspective tour community gardens and food projects
8 15/10 Dublin tba Global Perspectives in Permaculture and Intentional Community Living
9 21/10 Dublin tba Design Show case by permaculture practitioners, designers and diploma students
10 22/10 Dublin tba Design Intensive (Dublin Centre City)
11 04/11 Dublin tba Design Presentations (Dublin Centre)

PDC full course - costs

The course fee for employed people is €1000.  Direct debit staggered payment options are available.  You only need to pay the booking deposit at this time.


If you are on a low wage, we offer a €800 concession rate.  You only need to pay the deposit now.  Please contact us after paying your booking deposit.

Social Welfare recipients

There is a TESG grant available for people on Social Welfare.  TESG will pay €500 towards a course, and we will also reduce your course fee to €600, so your out of pocket cost is just €100. 

IMPORTANT:  There can be delays getting these grants, so you must apply to your social welfare office immediately to qualify in time.  We can provide any additional information needed.  To hold your place, you need to book and pay the €100 reduced booking deposit.  If your grant is not approved in time, we will refund the deposit to you in full.

Good wage

If you are on a good wage or an organisation is paying for your fee, we would ask that you pay the fully funded fee of €1200 if possible.

Booking Single sessions

If you are interested in just specific subjects, some of the days are open to non-PDC participants.  Click the dropdown list below to book individual days.  The cost is €100 per day, and a €60 concession rate is available.


important: please contact us before making any travel arrangements to confirm your place & that the course is going ahead as planned.


Suzie Cahn

Suzie Cahn runs a Garden and Permaculture Design business and is also a Director of Carraig Dulra teaching farm.

She says that she is one of the lucky people, in an increasingly urban world, who have been able to develop a deep connection with nature through a frequently unstructured natural childhood by the sea and in the Irish countryside. She was exposed to a Steiner based community living through a strong family connection with the Camphill movement. (Her Grandmother was a founding parent of Camphill in Ireland) Without knowing it at the time, throughout her teens she was got to experience to bio-dynamic agriculture, eco-building and intentional communities and working with the natural landscape. She is a mother, Permaculture Designer and Educators, and an Artist and a Art Therapist working with nature, evolving into an Eco Psychologist.

Suzie says her passion is reconnecting adults, young people, families and children to the learning, healing and creativity found in both nature and art.

She has grown produce for her family since she had her first tiny plot on which to do so and has brought an organic and wildlife community garden and teaching programs to schools and community gardens. She gives workshops and lectures on many topics and in many settings: Hospice Foundation, art therapy training programs and others. She set up a local group called Wicklow Community Gardening Group in 2006 which carried out its aim of developing community gardens throughout county Wicklow. She has served on several boards: CREATE, community rep Wicklow County Partnership, and currently GIY.

 She loved the family's six months WWOOFing on the road in Europe in her beloved 1971 VW camper in 2005 "Living inside other peoples lifestyles was amazing and so helpful in choosing what to do ourselves after what I called our 'mid-life crisis gap year.' After twenty years trying to live an ethical, eco life and to spread that ideal, we needed to recharge. It was becoming harder not to give in to hopelessness in the face of massive global environmental crisis' such as GMO, loss of bio diversity, global warming, and unimagionable levels of pollution from everything we do, even from our attempts at healing ourselves through medicine, not to mention running out of oil! "  In 2014 the family went off again, this time driving a van (to be donated to the Mongolia Charity GoHelp) across England, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan to Mongolia. She says "this time the trip was about reminding ourselves of our easy lives in Ireland even in "austerity" and contributing what we could to permaculture and education projects and a children's charity along the way." 

Suzie hopes that her work and that of Carraig Dúlra continues to inspire and support people and communities developing personal and local resilience under the permaculture umbrella ethics of earth care, people care and fair share.

Suzie's blogs can be found at:




Contact: info@dulra.org

Hannah Mole

Permaculture teacher, designer, food grower, farmer, community organiser, agitator, explorer.

I'm based in Roscommon in the mid-West of Ireland where I'm exploring and applying Permaculture to farming, building, growing, designing, organizing, living. I live and work on and from our family farm with multi-functional woodlands, permaculture-designed food production systems, various animals, my tiny home and lots more....

My interests are diverse! Permaculture for personal (& thus community) development, Compassionate farming, Food growing, Permaculture health & wellness, Spontaneous people-led initiatives, Animal welfare, The Wild!

My passion is life, animals and plants, anything breathing. Questionning the 'status quo', personal empowerment, and all things that support these... (Read more detail on my diploma tutor profile)

I did my first PDC in the U.K with Designed Visions in 2009, while living and working on a permaculture farm in France. I later did an advanced design course with D.V.  too, and in 2010 I returned again to successfully completed a 'Training of Permaculture Teachers' course following which I did some apprentice teaching on Permaculture Design Courses in the UK.

I was awarded a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design from the UK Permaculture association in summer 2015.

I have been teaching Permaculture in Ireland since 2010, in that time I have been working with community groups, land owners & individuals, facilitating workshops with those who want to learn how to use permaculture to improve the eco-efficiency of their landscapes, work & lifestyles.

I use a creative teaching style, exploring Permaculture through interactive action learning, challenges, hands on practical projects, investigation, reflections & games.

I am also a tutor for people doing a Permaculture Diploma through the UK system.

I've been priviledged to host the annual All Ireand Permaculture Gathering at our farm & I am a part of the core organising group for that wonderful event!

I offer a Permaculture design consultancy service, my Permaculture design experience so far encompasses household, garden (-staple crop food production, edible landscapes, community gardens), small-medium scale farming (human scale, animals, vegetable crops, woodlands) personal (using permaculture to guide personal focus, reflection, efficiency, business/livelihood), community network building, and appropriate scale shelter (low impact, low cost, high efficiency).

I maintain a permaculture related website and blog at www.earthcare.ie

John Dolan

One key area of John's expertise is water in the landscape.  John is a Permaculture Consultant, living in a self-built home and a converted polytunnel in West Cork. He specialises in wetland and marginal land conversion and restoration. Hear him speak and view his home in this awesome video!

Gareth Conlon

Gareth's expertise includes working with groups and permaculture in a development context.  He has a Masters degree in Development from Kimmage Development Studies Centre, with significant field experience in Africa. Gareth has been working with Development Perspectives since 2008, and brings fresh insights into permaculture's role in the development arena.