OOOOBY or Out of Our Own Back Yard (the name is inspired by a proejct in New Zealand) is a project focused on developing a local affordable, healthy food resource. Currently is run as a local voluntary group made up of coordiators and producers with adminstration support from Carraig Dúlra and workers from the County Wicklow Partnership Tús programme. 

At the moment, the voluntary group run a seasonal local vegetable box scheme and local food awareness raising events and education initiatives. Carraig Dúlra runs a bullk-buying group for whole food or organic products not available localally or in Ireland. These can be ordered online and pick up together or seperately from the vegetable box. 

Producers Customers want to know about you!

For all producers, we need some information about you and your products, so that customers can learn who is making the product, where they are, your approach to growing food or making your product, what ingredients are used etc. 

Health & Safety, labelling & other beaurocracy

As a volunteer-run non-profit group, OOOOBY is not a certifying body checking that every producer is working according to relevent regulations.  We work on a relationship basis where we meet our producers and build trust with them.  Our standard producers agreement includes a statement that the producer takes responsibility for their own products.

There is information available about food businesses in the home from the FSAI.