Harvest Home

As we come close to the end of the our first year, it's hard to believe how much, with help (and that was critical), we have accomplished. We are enjoying literally the fruits, well more specifically vegetables, of our labour. Cabbage and veggie mince peroshki, chard lasagnas, and cream of broccoli (purple sprouting) soup have been hits. Our Friday night spelt pizzas have seasonally varied toppings and courgettes hidden in the red sauce, as our eldest has an aversion to them.

But as we reflect and celebrate this year over the winter, it will be the connections and development of relationships to new (or not) people, that will have the greatest meaning for us.
We have spent time relaxing, working, learning, camping, looking at the stars, and talking about our dreams and hopes together. We have most enjoyed living in the moment with the people that Carraig DĂșlra has brought to us, at times in fact, it has seemed the land itself has a magic is drawing us together. Who know what where that leads, but for we will continue on the journey.