I'll huff and I'll puff...

We went away for a few days' break without time to take down the yurt. Over the weekend we heard about gale force winds back in Co Wicklow.

We came back yesterday and I went up to the land this evening to see how the yurt had fared.

It was almost dusk when I arrived. As the yurt came into view, I could see it was stooping. It normally hangs together well when set up and tied down, but it relies on the wheel (at the top) being held down so that the poles, which fix into holes in the wheel, stay in place. I think what must have happened is that the wind raised the canvas enough to allow some of the poles to slip out of the holes in the wheel, then they fell, which allowed the wheel to drop down a bit, loosening more poles, etc.

Thankfully there wasn't any major damage to it. Funny enough my main feeling was satisfaction at the reminder that we're more affected by the elements on the land, than we are in our life in Wicklow Town in our solid, wind-proof house.