How to Fund my PDC?

Why not crowdfund your PDC learning adventure and trip to Wicklow?  In return you can commit to bringing your valuable new skills back home and share them with your community, friends and family.

There are some excellent fundraising resources for PDC's on We The Trees

Sample blurb

My name is ____ and I am heading to Co Wicklow in the sunny (I hope) south east of Ireland this June to learn all about permaculture. This design system is all about learning new ways of designing our communities to live more sustainably. I am passionate about this because.......... Here’s a link to the course description. I would really like your help because I hope to share what I learn in our community. I’ve listed some of the ways I commit to doing just that for donors but I would love to hear other ideas too.

Some options you could offer donors when you bring it all back home:

A €/£/$10 donor will get a personal thank you email from you with a link to your blog about the experience
A €/£/$20 donor may ask a permaculture design question by email that you commit to respond to
A €/£/$50 donor may ask a permaculture design question by phone
A €/£/$100 donor gets a home visit to give a permaculture design consultation (within x radius of _______)
An €/£/$200 organization/group/company get a talk and design consultation for their project