Shadow of a Distant Sun

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.  
-Frank A. Clark

As the days darken and we come to the end of the second year of OOOOBY and the fifth year of Carraig Dúlra, we make ready for hibernation and rest. It's not always been an easy path, but the abundant community connections that continue to develop have made it another great year for all of us involved.

We know we face into deepening financial crisis, but as we're approaching our midwinter solstice, we are glad to look forward to our up-coming community celebration inspired by our anscesters need to kindle small candles- lights in the darkness to remind themselves the sun would return. We hope to see many of you there. 

Suzie was excited to learn that one sentence from her six minute talk at the Office of Non-compliance event had been tweeted and retweeted!! It was inspired by the experience of the Skills Exchange and confirmed at OOOOBY's recent harvest celebration. 

Here it is again "The idea that we're living in time of scarcity is related to money. We're plentiful in so much else."  

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.  
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Home Brewing Club

This Saturday is the first get together of home brewers at the OOOOBY Store.  With our surplus of apples, we'll start chopping & pressing around 11am,
with brewing of the apple juice (and also beer etc if people bring ingredients), from noon.

Please bring equipment and ingredients if you have any.  If not, bring a chopping board & knife for the apples.  No charge, but donations welcome.

Judith Hoad course

Judith has a few places left on her LIVING EARTH APPRENTICESHIP NATURAL MEDICINE FOR HOUSEHOLDERS run over 6 weekends next year. Each weekend includes what to use, how to use and how to make the remedies indicated by the subject matter; by the end of the course the full spectrum of harvesting, drying, making infusions, decoctions, compresses and poultices, tinctures, macerated oils and ointments will have been covered and experienced by the participants. Telephone 07497 36406, or email for more details, or to book.

Solstice Celebration - 17th December 2011 2:30-5:30

Bring some light into the darkest part of the year together - Kindle candles, welcome Santa, do shopping at the Christmas market supporting local small producers, and enjoy some local fresh seasonal food & drink. 

Stalls are available for local food and craft producers, please contact us asap to book.

Wild & Slow

We enjoyed a great event last weekend at Mecreddin. Well done to Fergus and Karen for representing OOOOBY. The buzz was great and the talks and stall full of interest.

Audio from the Wild & Slow weekend here:
Photographs on the Wild & Slow facebook site:

OOOOBY Store hours

After this Saturday, the OOOOBY Store will go into hibernation for the winter, with no regular opening hours until February.  However our online ecoshop is as always open all the time, so if you're collecting an order or need to get something from the Store, we're happy to arrange to open up for you.

Veg Box

This finishes this weekend and will beginng again when the growing season is well underway in late spring or early summer. Thanks to all our producers and customers for a great second year, and a special thanks to the OOOOBY Committee and their stalwort chairman, John McGann. We look forward to working with you and expanding yet again in 2012

Shadow of a Distant Sun

The title of our newsletter is the name of a Quarantine Hill song.  They are one of 4 Wicklow bands playing to raise funds for RNLI at Bands for Boats this Sunday night in the Grand Hotel.

Winter preparations

The bees have put away their honey and are slowing down all their activity as winter arrives.  They'll spend the coldest days huddled together and eating honey, with an occasional foray out on milder days.  We might learn from them!  

Mike & Suzie Cahn
Carraig Dúlra -