Volunteer Feedback

Volunteer Experiences

"What kind of spot this is... Mike and Suzie you have got it going and your generosity is staggering. Volkswagon forever. Darius from Seattle"

 "Thank you for sharing this beautiful paradise with me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience here and have had some amazing learning opportunities: willow making, women's shelter-girl power, fertilizing flowers, sheep herding, collecting eggs, cooking traditional Irish griddle bread, making Jam. I've grown very attached to the veggie herb garden thanks for letting me adopt it for a while. I very much hope to return some day, Sarah Australia"

"Thank you very much for the experiences in Carraig Dúlra. Even if it rained a lot we enjoyed our stay. We kept the kitchen clean because of the wasps then we don't need to kill them. This is our wish. thanks Tenzin-Tibet, Rebecca-Germany

 "Its a very special wonderful place. I did so much different interesting things, I'd never done before. I think its really great that everybody can find something to do that he, she likes, and bring some new ideas. Hannah-Sophie Germany"

"We looked after the place when the family were gone, work on the farm was limited but we were shared by the greater community an worked on two school gardens! Wendy and Martha's gardens too as well as amateur sheep herders. The rhythm of Carraig Dúlra seeped into out beings and we woke every morning in awe of our surroundings the wild wind and rain, only accentuated the wonder and stark beauty of this small but powerful and magical piece of Ireland Teagan Marie"

"We are not members of wwoof but you accepted us to camp at your beautiful farm. Thanks a lot for your welcome, we slept very well in the yurt. We are very happy to have found a so nice place during our visit to Ireland. Thank you David and Alexis France"

"I hope you will have people as passionate as you are to help you with your little piece of paradise. Thank you for your welcome and fun and for all I had to learn there. It will leave me with an amazing memory of Ireland." Chantal, Canada

"This has been an experience of a life time, one I will never forget from falling into the gorse bush to finding a case of cider in a river, walking to Glendalough, walking the dogs to the Black Castle in Wicklow, mud at the Green gathering, dancing, pulling weeds, building counters....so many good memorie and good people." Thank you thank you Petra, Canada

"I am the girl who didn't know anything about any garden, who ate fresh lettuce for the first time in her life and who tried hard not to weed the herb and vegetables out. I loved sitting in the sun looking at nature, doing garden work, having campfires, eating vegetables. I also enjoyed family life with all of you children running and playing all over the land." thanks a lot Eva Germany

"After being here, after walking barefoot, after eating from the garden and gazing at the stars this place is in my heart. It is such a beautiful give to be able to share a place so deeply with others. I leave here feeling deeply inspired by what you are doing. thank you and your kids for all you have shared." Meg, USA

"I only wish I could have been here earlier and spent longer. My time has really flown by." Ramsay USA

"I wish I could stay longer the five now six of us have really bonding while cooking!" Stephanie, USA

"At first the cold rainy weather was a shock to my Californian blook but as the days on the farm went by I grew to like it. The two weeks seemed to go by so fast, I wish I could relive them one more time." Nathan USA

"I think I have just experienced one of the most amazing three weeks of my life. Words can't do justice to the experience of nature or community, for how the grass in the morning felt on my feet, the sensation of not knowing or giving a dam what time is according to a clock. An excerpt from my journal reads "Nature heals us, makes us well again, more like humans. At the very least it humbles us. Dam 'chard' is gorgeous!" Jeff USA

"Thank you for the great experience to make me part of your family for these days , I'll never forget your conviviality." Alberto Italy

"Well gang it looks like I am actually going to leave. I arrived talking about how great Galway was and now I am going to be telling everyone about life on the Carraig mountain. Thanks for everything. Grayson, from Canada  :)